Brother Run & Share

Brother will continue to continuously organize social events in Thailand, joined by our customers, partners, employees, and management teams. For this the company has received the ‘Global Charter Practice Award’ from Brother’s headquarters in Japan. The award winner is chosen by Brother branches around the world.
This event follows Brother headquarters’ philosophy and vision to organize creative activities for society. The vision distinguishes activities into two categories; 1. Environmentally related activities 2. Local community activities. For environmentally related activities, we have planted mangrove forests for over 8 years. And for local community activities, we have organized the ‘Golden Ring’ project to aid cancer patients. Brother Thailand also organizes the ‘Brother Run & Share’ to comply with the vision to help cancer patients in need in Thailand. 



Brother Mangrove Reforestation 2016

Brother Commercial (Thailand) Ltd. along with the management team and employees more than 300 people attended the event. "Brother volunteer conservation and restoration of natural forest," has planted mangroves and bamboo stick slow waves from coast to coast. The concept was developed to restore natural forest sustainability. This policy builds on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to create sustainable benefits to the community and the environment.

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