Fashionable Custom Eyeglass Case

Fashionable Custom Eyeglass Case

Want a quick project to try over the weekend? This eyeglasses case is it! I love how you can customize it with anyone’s initials. This eyeglass case makes for a great gift for your friends and family. Customize your DIY eyeglass case with your favorite colors and prints. The sky’s the limit! I know that you will enjoy this project. Have fun!


  • Fat Quarter Cotton Fabric or ¼ yard of Cotton Fabric
  • Double Fold Bias Tape
  • ¼ yard Two-sided Fusible Flex Foam
  • Fabric Vinyl
  • Brother ScanNCut

Sew Eyeglasses Case:

  1. Cut two rectangles out of your fabric at 8” x 13.5”. On the bottom end of one corner, cut a curved corner.
Eyeglass Case 1

2. Cut one rectangle of your flex foam at the same measurement, 8” x 13.5”.
3. Adhere the fabrics to both sides of your flex foam with your iron. Make sure the right side of your fabric is facing out.

Eyeglass Case 3a
Eyeglass Case 3b

4. On the long side, pin your bias tape in place. On each end, the bias should extend about ½”.

Eyeglass Case 4a

5. Stitch bias tape in place. As you are sewing, don’t forget to fold the ends of the bias tape inside the bias tape.

Eyeglass Case 4b

6. Fold your DIY eyeglass case in half and attach the bias tape on the outer edge.

Eyeglass Case 6a
Eyeglass Case 6b
Eyeglass Case 6c

Cut Letters with Your ScanNCut:

  1. Place vinyl with shiny side down.
  2. On the ScanNCut, press on pattern
Eyeglass Case Step-2-1

3. Press on the letters and choose your font. I chose FO-A001.

Eyeglass Case step-3

4. Type in your letters and press ok.

Eyeglass Case step-4-1

5. Adjust size to 1.74” height and pre-set.

Eyeglass Case Step-5-1

6. Press Edit, then Edit Object.
7. Press on the duplicate button. You want to create two of the same image so adjust the number to 2.

Eyeglass Case Step-7-1

8. Now, press the mirror button. Be sure to mirror both sets of letters.

Eyeglass Case step-8-1

9. Click ‘OK’ three times to pass through the menu. Then, press ‘Please Select’ and ‘Cut’.

Eyeglass Case step-9-1

10. Click on the wrench to edit your cut to half cut
11. Before making your final cut, test your cut first.
12. If your letters come out clean, proceed with your cut. If not, adjust the pressure and test again until it comes out clean.
13. Once you’re finished cutting, press ok.

Eyeglass Case Step-13-1

Press Your Letters onto Case:

  1. Center your first set of letters in the middle of your case. Press in place.
  2. Place your second set of letters on top but, move it slightly over to create a shadow effect. Press in place.
Eyeglass Case press


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