Products Warranty Terms & Conditions effective from July 2022 onwards

  1. This warranty will cover with products that have been purchased directly at dealers of Brother Thailand and valid in Thailand usage only.
  2. This product warranty will be reparation service at Brother Service Center or Authorized Service Center only.
  3. All products warranty does not include consumables such as drum unit, toner cartridge, ink cartridge, Mat, Blade of ScanNCut machine and etc.
  4. All Brother equipment are recommended to use genuine Brother consumables and accessories otherwise this warranty may be null and void.
  5. The warranty coverage does not apply to any problem that is caused by Acts of God, insects inside machine or animal intrusion and foreign objects.
  6. All product warranty does not include periodical replacement parts such as Ink absorber box, Fuser unit, Paper feed kit and etc.
  7. This warranty does not cover machine installation, software installation or any causes that related with software.
  8. Embroidery machine warranty will not cover parts such as Inner Hook, Outer Hook, Power Supply and all motor.

Product Categories Product Warranty Period
Laser Fax 2years
A4 Color Inkjet Multifunction 2 years included print head or 30,000 sheets.
A3 Color Inkjet Multifunction (Refill Ink Tank) 2 years included print head or 100,000 sheets
A3 Color Inkjet Multifunction (Ink Cartridge) MFC-J2340DW / MFC-J2740DW / MFC-J3540DW / MFC-J3940DW 2 years included print head or 200,000 sheets

Mono Laser Printer and Multifunction model
HL-1110 / HL-1210W / DCP-1510 /DCP-1610W / MFC-1910W

2 years

Mono Laser Printer and Multifunction
HL-L2320D / HL-L2370DN / HL-L2375DW / HL-L2385DW / MFC-L2700D / MFC-L2715DW / MFC-L2750DW / MFC-L2770DW

3 years
Mono Laser Printer and Multifunction
HL-L5100DN / HL-L6200DW / HL-L6400DW / DCP- L5600DN / MFC-L5900DW / MFC-L6900DW
3 years with onsite service
Color Laser Printer and Multifunction andColor LED Printer and Multifunction
3 years with onsite service
P-Touch 1 year
P-Touch model PT-E850TKWLI 2 years
Scanner 1 year
Home Sewing Machine and Overlock machine
1 year
Computerized Sewing Machine
1 year
Sewing & Embroidery Machine
1 year
Embroidery Machine – Model PR and VR 1 year with onsite service
ScanNCut 1 year
GTX Digital Direct to Garment Printer 1 year with onsite service

Amplifier DAH-100 / DAR-350H / DAD-500 / DAD-950
Professional Sound Processor KSP-50 / KSP-100
Dynamic Microphone NKN-300
Wireless Microphone WB-5000S
*Remark BMB Amplifier & Accessories warranty More Detail Click

1 year

BMB Speaker
CSH-200 / CSH-W200 / CSN-300 / CSN-500 / CSN-510 / CSE-308 / CSE-310ll / CSE-312 / CSV450 / CSV-900 /
CSD-880 / CSD-2000 / CWS-115 / CWS-118 / CSP-610 / CSP-612 / CSS-1210 / CSS-1212 / CSS-8010II / CSS-8012II
**Remark BMB Woofer Unit More Detail Click

1 year

This standard warranty is reparation at Brother Service Center or Authorized service center excepted some product categories which is specified onsite service.

Product warranty registration should be submitted within 15 days from the day of purchase to receive product update or special promotion from us.