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Brother brings mangrove forest back to life

13 September 2019
Corporate News
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Brother brings mangrove forest back to life

with Brother’s Mangrove Forest Conservation and Restoration Project at the mangrove forest conservation center in Samut Sakhon province for 11 consecutive years.


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Brothers, along with executives, employees and business partners, organizes “Brother’s Mangrove Forest Conservation and Restoration Project” to revive mangrove forests and communities by planting mangrove forests and building barriers of bamboo sticks to reduce the intensity of sea waves. The objectives of the project are to conserve mangrove forests, create sustainable environmental protection, and continue the company’s CSR policy to return to society, communities, and the environment. Brother has been executing this project for 11 years.



            Mr. Pornpak Upaisilsathaporn, General Manager, Department of Finance and Administration, Brother Commercial (Thailand) revealed that last year, “Brother’s Mangrove Forest Conservation and Restoration Project” planted as many as 1,400 mangrove trees, which was the largest number of mangrove trees the company had ever planted in a year since the beginning of the project. This project can truly return holistic benefits to ‘Community and Environment,’ the two factors that Brother believes are the cornerstone of sustainable development of business and society.


            “Community and environment are the heart of Brother’s business operation. We are determined to achieve not only business excellence but also to return to society. Social responsibility is no less important to our organization than business success,” said  Mr. Pornpak Upaisilsathaporn.“Mangrove forest restoration is an activity that Brother has continuously organized in 2 provinces, Samut Prakan and Samut Sakhon, for the 11th year. It is the activity that reflects our business philosophy and is also in line with the government policy on environmental conservation and restoration as well.”


            “Not so long ago, over 50% of the mangrove forests in the provinces of Samut Prakan and Samut Sakhon were damaged. Brother then joined with local communities and the government agencies involved in forestation to revive the forest and gradually return the balance to the life cycle of the mangrove forest as it was before. The reason Brother does not do this project in other areas of Thailand is that we want to be able to clearly see the growth of the mangrove forest that results from the cooperation of many social sectors, to analyze changes in the mangrove forest conditions, to appropriately adapt the restoration plan, and to give what the local community truly needs. We have conducted this project with determination and commitment as if we were a member of the local community. Therefore, we plan to do this activity in two provinces alternately every year,” added Mr. Pornpak Upaisilsathaporn


            This year, “Brother’s Mangrove Forest Conservation and Restoration Project” will restore the buildings and the mangrove forest plantation area of the mangrove forest conservation center in Samut Sakhon province that have been damaged by the tropical storm Pabuk earlier this year, as well as planting more mangrove trees in the area.


            Recently, “Brother’s Mangrove Forest Conservation and Restoration Project” received a double circle level certificate from “NIJUUMARU Project” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN-J), Japan. This certificate is proof that the mangrove forest project of Brother is effective in protecting the environment and returning a balanced life cycle and fertility to the mangrove forest ecosystem. It is another achievement that Brother has received from this project which takes into account the 6 main success factors:  customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, communities, and environment. It is a reflection of the cooperation from various sectors of society that join forces to carry on activities that yield mutual benefits for all parties. The number of circles on the certificate shows the level of continuity and performance of the project for which Brother strives to ensure that it will get better each year.