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Teerawut Supapunpinyo, the latest MD for Brother Commercial (Thailand)

08 March 2019
Corporate News

Teerawut Supapunpinyo, the latest MD for Brother Commercial (Thailand), is ready to lead with the new concept ‘Towards the next level’, expand growth, and handle present and future challenges with the implementation of 3C’s strategy, Brother Commercial (Thailand) expects 5% growth in 2019. -

Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited recently appoints ‘Mr. Teerawut Supapunpinyo’ as a managing director to strengthen the management team, implement the new concept ‘Towards the next level’ to achieve business growth against the current sluggish economy, and cope with changes in the present and the future with the ‘3C’s Strategy’. In the fiscal year 2018 (Apr 18 – Mar 19), Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited expects a growth rate of 7% which is higher than the original estimate of 5%.

Brother Commercial (Thailand) and 5 Years of ‘Change’

Create Growth Against All Odds.

Mr. Tomoyuki Fujimoto, Managing Director of Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited, explained the principles of ‘change’ that Brother implements to create growth. We must adapt and change with the economic context before others force us to change and surpass us. Mr. Fujimoto gives a more detailed definition of ‘change,’ saying that “Brother is trying to adapt and improve the organization so that we can grow continuously in every business group. The company aims to provide customers with a high level of satisfaction in terms of innovation and product quality. No less important, the quality of after-sales service has always been at the heart of Brother's business operation.” The result of Brother's forward-looking strategy, which has successfully navigated the company through all problems, is that Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited keeps growing every year. Mr. Fujimoto views that the major success factor is the business philosophy ‘At Your Side’ which places customers at the center in every dimension. This philosophy is effectively applied to all business operations and later to business partners and relevant parties.

Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited never stops ‘Transforming’.

Over 10 years at Brother, Mr. Teerawut Supapunpinyo, Sales and Marketing Director, Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited, has pushed Brother to become a market leader, by effectively and appropriately applying his accumulated experiences to the team and working methods and adopting various marketing strategies to lift Brother from a small brand to one of the leading and familiar printer brands for Thai people. “I believe that for the success that has happened and is going to happen in the future, teamwork is the key. The fact that each team knows its role and responsibility and that they have an opportunity to think outside the box inspires us to come up with a new way of working, and to dare to try different things. This is the spirit that makes the Brother brand stand out in the eyes of the target group. The last factor is the cooperation of partners, which is an important energy that makes us grow even faster. From what I see, since the past, we have never stopped "transforming" our marketing games as the fast-changing consumer lifestyle prompts us to always be prepared and to respond faster with each step we move forward."

‘Teerawut Supapunpinyo’ adds new ingredients to the 2019 administration and business formula. ‘Transform to the Future’ remains the key direction of management and will step forward by new concept ‘Towards the next level’.

Mr. Teerawut, the latest Managing Director of Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited, discusses business practices in 2019. “The growth of Brother in the past is a proof of the effectiveness of the ‘Transform Strategy,’ which we have continuously implemented in the past 3 years. The company has set a goal to transform three main areas: Business Transform, Operational Transform, and Talent Transform. This year, our main focus is still to keep “transforming” continuously, but will add a new strategy called 3C’s to create a more detailed and precise pathway and a concrete image for each area.” The next 3 years, Brother Commercial (Thailand) will continue to grow with the new concept of ‘Towards to next level’ to establish a firm foothold to the future.

Insights into 3C's strategy, a shortcut to a sustainable growth

Customer is the first C and is given the first priority. At Brother, customers are always number one. According to the business philosophy ‘At Your Side,’ honesty and sincerity has been our principal code of conduct for the past 21 years of business operations in Thailand. We offer a variety of products of high quality that answer every lifestyle need at a reasonable price, not to mention the premium after-sales service provided by over 100 branches of our service centers across the country that work hard to meet the highest customer satisfaction. These are the tangible definition of Customer, our first C.

Channel Partners or Sales Channel Partners.

At present, Brother sells 100% of the products through the sales channel partners. Therefore, in this year, the company will work more closely with channels because some partners face difficulties in adapting to the rapidly changing climate of the market today. Brother will position itself as a consultant that provides advice on business operations whether in corporate client, contractual business sales, or online business that is currently expanding and is likely to grow significantly from now on. In brief, by combining forces and strengthening the selling ability, Brother and partners will be able to grow together sustainably.

Company or organization has a chief responsibility to implement strategies in order to become a business leader.

As a company, Brother must always improve and develop itself. This C is divided into 2 main parts. The first one is Process Improvement: Work Smart and Achieve Big Results. We work internally and externally to streamlining our work process, making it shorter, faster, and more efficient while maintaining precision and accuracy with the use of technology to provide convenience for customers and partners. The second part is People Development: ‘People is a strategic point of development’. Brother attaches great importance to company’s personnel, helping them to increase their physical and mental efficiency. The company is also ready to support young generations so that they can fully demonstrate their abilities and continue our business success as a leader.
Mr. Teerawut Supapunpinyo has worked with Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited for 10 years, and at the end of 2008, he assumed the position of General Manager of Sales and Marketing, and contributed to the growth of the organization with his experience in IT business management, which helped Brother successfully become the leader in the Thailand’s printer market. From such impressive success in 2014, Brother Commercial (Thailand) decided to promote him as Director of Sales and Marketing, giving more authority to lay down an overall strategy, which created a big ripple for the organization. Despite many economic concerns, Brother has, on the contrary, always shown significant results with an above average growth rate. As a result, Brother Commercial (Thailand) appointed Mr. Teerawut Supapunpinyo as Managing Director. He will officially assume this position on April 1, 2019.

Leader in Customer Satisfaction: Brother enhances the quality of service with IT advancement for Thai consumers in the 4.0 era.

Utilizing modern systems and technologies to increase service capabilities is one of Brother's main policies behind a steady business growth every year. “In order to stay as the leader in customer service, Brother attaches great importance to personnel development because we believe that to deliver excellent service, the service providers must have a well-developed mindset. That is why Brother has continuously invested in designing and developing training courses under the theme ‘The Power of Thinking,’ which is a set of curriculum consisting of Think Plus + Program, Think BIG Program, and Think Smart Program.” Mr. Worasak Praditkul, General Manager of Customer Service, Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited discusses the overall approach to service development. “In 2019, Brother will use the ‘Chatbot’ system to increase Brother’s capability in service providing. Chatbot will assist in basic service work while the service team will enter in more complex stages. The company will utilize its manpower to develop Training Chatbot as well as other service strategies. The expected result is a stronger team with a smaller size but higher efficiency. This is considered the core management that needs to be in line with the future world."

Build a stronger brand with services and return to society.

With an intention to dedicate service and knowledge to Thai society, In fiscal year 2018, Brother Commercial (Thailand) has recently signed an MoU with The Federation of Thai SME Sukhothai and 6 vocational institutes namely Sukhothai Technical College, Sukhothai Vocational College, Sri samrong Vocation College, Srisatchanalai Vocational College, Sukhothai College of Agriculture and Technology and Sukhothai Polytechnic College to organize “The Academic Cooperation Program,” which is an academic cooperation project to offer a training in printer repairing, to transfer knowledge, increase skills and work experience, and to serve society in the local level. In addition, Brother Commercial (Thailand) continues to expand the project to the south region in Surathani province, Surathani Technical College and Karnjanadit Technical College and also northeast region in Surin province, Surin Technical College, Sangkha Industrial Education College and Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Surin Campus. With the success of the project, Brother Commercial (Thailand) won the Brother Global Charter Award in the Social Contribution Category.

We believe that a good society is the foundation of sustainable business growth.

2019 Brother Run & Share was organized for the 5th year in a row as Brother’s CSR activity to help cancer patients by donating the proceeds from the event without deducting any expenses to Ramathibodi Foundation, Adult Hematological Malignancy Fund, Ramathibodi Hospital, for cancer patients who are in need of medical services. This year, Brother raised up to 1,564,190 baht. “Brother will continue this running charity event with an adjustment in the activity format that would be different from the original event. In addition, we will enhance the potential of young generation people by promoting education and giving firsthand work experiences to prepare them before stepping into the real career world,” said Mr. Pornpak Upaisilsathaporn, General Manager, Department of Finance and Administration, Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited. Employees at Brother have an opportunity to hold small group activities as a means to join hands and return to society. It is an occasion for employees to be initiators instead letting the company set all policies. This is one strategy that Brother uses to strengthen the ‘teamwork’. “At Brother, we always think that we are a big house with diverse family members, and we never try to eliminate that diversity, but instead bring out that diversity and makes it shine. We give freedom to everyone to do what he likes and is good at. The result is a positive energy that contributes to society later on. We have established a Staff Welfare Committee to develop various health projects that stem from within the country and expand to the international level. This is an achievement that we are proud of.

About Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited

For more than a century, Brother has been known as a brand of innovative products and top customer satisfaction. From the beginning in 1908 in Japan, today we have 19 manufacturing plants and 43 sales representative offices in 41 countries across the globe. Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited is one of the leaders in innovative products, including printers, label printers, scanners, digital fabric printers, and sewing machines, which are able to meet various needs of customers. With the business philosophy “At Your Side,” Brother will always stand by our customers and partners as a globally recognized organization.

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