Mailbox / Sorter / Stacker

Mailbox / Sorter / Stacker

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Add optional Mailbox / Sorter / Stacker to increase output capacity or assign the four output bins to specific users or groups.


Increase control over the printer's output.

Use the optional MX-4000 Mailbox to designate output trays to users or groups for increased efficiency of document retrieval.

Use the bins to increase the machine's output capacity when printing large documents. When the output tray is full, the machine automatically delivers the pages into the mailbox bins. Two of the bins can be removed for additional capacity.

The MX-4000 can be configured to auto-continue as soon as a full bin is empty or pause printing until all bins are empty to ensure proper pagination for large documents.

Use Case

Environments requiring organization of print job outputs and/or additional output capacity for high volume printing.